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Ruy Marra

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The lawyer who is a graduate in biopsychology , Ruy Marra, conducted a survey of 2000 people who were subjected to a similar stressful situation – taking off on a hang glider from an altitude of 520 metres.
The purpose of this survey was to determine how emocional and  other previous experiences  affected them at the moment of take off.

Ruy Marra divided this survey into two parts;

In the first – he evaluated the sympathetic nervous system (pulse rate, breathing and facial reations) of the passengers before the take off.

In the second – after landing the participants answered a questionnaire about their childhood trying to find a link between their childhood experiences and traumas to their present day reactions to traumatic situations.

At the end of this process , the tandem  flight world record holder was able to identify experiences associated with self – esteem and auto-efficiency which determined personality traits tha were resisten to stressful situations.

The diversity of the type of passengers ranges from executives, mercenaries, monks, backpackers, dentists, to rock goups. The result of this survey is published in the book TAKING OFF TO HAPPINESS, by editors ROCCO.  As the author, Ruy Marra offered to contribute using emotional development through knowledge as learning by any other mehtod may require a significant emotional effort.